An MBA for Business Operators

A look at two syllabuses for learning the art of business, why they're rare, and why to take notice when a practitioner mentions one.

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This is a v useful list!

The one thing missing for me is that they don’t apply to finding product-market fit, which is where most startups founder.

Do you see anyway to map their ideas to the process of finding PMF?


Just wrote a new post that talks a little about that: Product Validation Frameworks are Useless Without Taste

It’s driven mostly by conversations I’ve been having with other startup folks about the Working Backwards process, since some of my friends have been thinking about putting it to practice.

This isn’t a particularly useful post, since the basic argument is just ‘product validation frameworks pretend that you can do them without having much product taste, but in my experience, product taste is a huge thing, and that taste is totally tacit and difficult to learn’.