Change Your Business: A Library of Strategic Rehearsals

The Strategic Rehearsal is a remarkable cognitive science-based training intervention for business. This is a summary of every Strategic Rehearsal ever published.

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This summary article must be the longest one that you ever wrote here on your blog, Cedric. It is fantastic! Very insightful and also showcase the thoughtful analysis that you are capable of.

I have been thinking how this applies to the domain I’m working in (cyber security), as we face a shortage of talent and it’s becoming critical to train up people from diverse background quickly.

Some companies like mine do practise a form of “rehearsal” called cyber range exercises. Though not as immersive as DiBello’s simulation, Participants are placed in a simulated network run by some facilitator, and they are tasked to work together to detect and defend against cyber attacks. It took trial and error and repeated attempts to get it right, but I do see the benefits; as months after the exercise, the team still recall the lessons learned and how it applies to their daily work.

But DiBello’s simulation is certainly more impressive and the effect seems to be much more lasting… if only I can afford to use her company’s service for my domain !


@Theebh thank you for the kind words. :slight_smile: I think you’re going to like this week’s piece — it generalised the training approach that DiBello uses.