Colin Bryar on the practice of Amazon's Weekly Business Review - Commoncog

Colin Bryar joined Amazon really early in its life and spent twelve years as part of Amazon's senior leadership team.

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Some behind-the-scenes notes: I think I tried to squeeze too much technical detail into the podcast, and only late in the episode did I ease up and decided to just go with the flow. Relistening to this a second and third time, I think the truly valuable part is Colin’s worldview. It’s quite difficult to capture in words alone, but it’s something I’ve noticed time and again when talking and working with Colin: pay attention to just how much he focuses on the qualitative bits of a customer’s experience.

I’ll save the truly technical detailed parts of the WBR practice for a blog post. I’ll have to rush, since there’s a deadline ahead of my wedding: I stop all work on the 22nd of November.