Create Your Own Rituals

I read a lovely newsletter (essay? post?) by Ava Huang about five weeks ago, titled Routines, Rituals, and Meaning, and was convinced enough to give it a go. I started performing a coffee ritual every morning before work.

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I have been doing rituals for a long time but never stop to think with the lens that small habits becomes a ritual when you add more intention or meaning to it. That’s clever and seems to make sense based on my experience.

In my experience, the benefit of these rituals before starting deep work is that it acts as a primer, ensuring you have a clear state of mind.

One concern I have with rituals is around the potential of becoming “slave” of a ritual where you depend of a certain routine to have a specific output. It’s probably a silver lining.

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Oh, this is interesting. I’ll have to keep an eye out for this. Thank you for sharing your experience! :bowing_man:

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Very interested in this idea! What benefits you’ve seen from doing this so far? I’m trying to think of places to insert rituals into my life.

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Mostly I know to start work after finishing that cup of coffee — though I’ve recently moved places, and have to rebuild this habit all over again. But it works :slight_smile: