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A technical overview of how I'm applying the methods and ideas of the Becoming Data Driven in Business series.

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The value of improving the tooling is certainly something that resonates with my experience.

I work in organizational development for a 2,000 person manufacturing company, and I have been leading our initiative to develop people analytics. As a result, I’ve been spending a lot of time working to pin down operational definitions (“just what counts as an engaged learner?” or “what are the criteria for identifying an employee as high potential?”), and I’ve been evolving our reporting tools so we can more easily explore our data and uncover trends.

I am consistently amazed at how much productive action has been driven simply by creating better tooling and visibility. We’ve wanted to improve diversity in our workforce for years; by surfacing data comparing what portion of our employees are marked as high potential for various demographic groups, suddenly the conversations have resulted in meaningful activities to give targeted individual support and stretch opportunities. Our ops leaders have consistently supported taking time to train and develop our shop floor associates; better reporting on which supervisors are making that time and which need a reminder has translated that commitment into action.

I think the next step for us is to clarify our controllable input metrics and start running experiments to test hypotheses.