Marvel Studios’s Origin Story - Commoncog

We’re entering the last stretch for the Capital Expertise series now. As we wind down, I’d like to dial up the fun.

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The new formatting for the case part doesn’t seem be compatible with a read later app like reader by readwise which is a must for me (and I’m sure for others).

Specifically, I’m using the txt-to-speech function in most cases.

Am I the only one having this issue?

Ahh, crap. Didn’t think to test this!

I’ve filed a bug report internally and will have someone look into it.

Thanks, no rush! Enjoy your wedding!

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Btw this should be fixed, @Kpaxs — could you check on your end? :smiling_face:

This one is now working indeed Strong at Capital, Bad at Everything Else - Commoncog but this one is still not working: Marvel Studios’s Origin Story - Commoncog

Also, everything in the case study part appears in italic (not just the quote) which doesn’t make it easy to read.

Will look into it! Thanks for checking, @Kpaxs :man_bowing: