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Amazon has a fairly famous practice of writing press releases before launching new products. The name they have for this is the ‘Working Backwards process’ and the primary artefact to come out of that process is something called a ‘PR/FAQ’ — so named because the one-page Press Release is usually accompanied by a long FAQ section, covering most, if not all, of the commonly asked questions about the proposed product, feature, or initiative.

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This was a Twitter thread before it was an essay, and the Twitter thread is available here:

I’m working on one of these for a product on my team that faces in store associates but also impacts customers to our stores. The primary benefit is for the store associates, so I think writing it as an “internal” press release makes the most sense. Does that fit within what you know about writing these @cedric?

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Yes, absolutely. Amazon has been known to write PR/FAQs for internal services, hell, they’ve also been known to write FAQs (without the PR piece) for certain simpler internal services.

Do keep in mind there’s a template for this. From some quick googling, this seems like a pretty decent resource: Strategy Tool: Amazon’s PR/FAQ. A practical guide with two easy to use… | by Wendy-Lynn McClean | intrico.io | Medium

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Thanks! I already found this incredible resource that I’m using, called something like FamiliarGear, or some name like that? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hah! Made me chuckle, you did. :slight_smile:

Actually I linked to the template resource because I didn’t highlight the fact that there is a template in this piece, so imagine my surprise when I read a sample PR/FAQ that a friend wrote for his startup, only to realise he had left out whole chunks (like a sample quote from a customer). Then I realised I should’ve been more clear — most Amazon PR/FAQs actually follow a fairly strict template, at least for the ‘PR’ portion.

Good luck with your attempt! I hope it goes well!