Read-it-later apps and Commoncog

I am a big fan of using read-it-later apps for long-form articles or articles that I like to spend time poring over the details, such as the articles on Commoncog! These apps are a lifesaver when I am on flights without WiFi.

Just wondering if anyone has successfully used your own read-it-later apps with member-only articles from Commoncog?

The easiest way would be print the articles into PDF and then read them on the flight on my laptop or phone, but I would love to see if I can get these articles on Pocket which will automatically sync articles to my Kobo e-reader.

Hey @victorneo , good to see you here after a long time :slight_smile:

I gave up on the mainstream apps like Pocket and used to use Reader from readwise, you can load or send an email I believe and they will parse it. I recently left for (SG startup!) and basically use my custom email address generated by them to send articles and it will render there.


Second @kirso’s recommendation to use Readwise.

But speaking more to your point: if you use Readwise’s Reader, or Pocket, or Instapaper:

  • Saving using the desktop browser bookmarklet or Chrome/Firefox extension will scrape the text in the browser window and clean it up, and make it available for reading later.
  • Saving using the share extension on iOS will pass the full html of the page to the app and allow it to clean it up
  • Saving using the share extension on Android only passes the URL, and thus the app won’t have access to the text (for member’s only posts) to save for later.

The differences between the last two has to do with the API for Android vs iOS. Source: I tried building a Read-it-later app in the past :wink:


Hey @kirso ! It’s been a while, hope you have been well!

@cedric I did not know that iOS share can do that… I have been using Android since day 1 and have only started using an iPhone recently - consider my mind blown :exploding_head:

Pocket: can’t grab the article even when using iOS
Omnivore: successfully retrieved the article :partying_face:

I am going to miss reading on my Kobo but will definitely continue to use Omnivore from now on. Thanks y’all!

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