Warfighting (Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication 1)

“[Dancing Landscapes in Business” post mentioned Warfighting and that it was a trendy business book a decade ago.

My comment is that business is significantly more centralized than war. So, very few organizations implemented this. They prefer the control.

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Which makes the decentralised ones, dealing with high uncertainty environments, particularly interesting.

  • Chapter 13 of Kochland documents how Charles Koch rearchitected Koch Industries to be decentralised in the face of ridiculously volatile oil prices.
  • Working Backwards documents the series of experiments that led to Amazon’s decentralisation.
  • Mark Leonard’s letters over at Constellation Software are worth reading, especially the bits about org design
  • All of the comments about Transdigm’s decentralisation in https://www.50xpodcast.com/ are worth taking seriously.

(Though it’s worth saying that the decentralisation in the latter two examples are for a different goal; only the first two are in response to high uncertainty).

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