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When you miss a deadline — was it because you messed up, or was it because your work was too uncertain?

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My next task is clear: sit down and write a detailed plan for each chapter. And get each chapter over the hill, so I can set proper deadlines for myself.

So these chapters are going to be what? Paywall’d?

@kimsia They already are! Guides will be accessible to members for now. The plan is that I’ll sell ebook versions later, but they won’t be as up-to-date as the web versions.

Wait are we both talking abt the accelerate book?

Also off topic

I like to comment abt the latest career moat chapter got a thread for that? I cannot seem to find via search… the one about start from demand.

Also I like to give feedback abt mobile login for the blog for members

I can show u the video recording of my issues

The Career Moat Guide discussion is available here.

@kimsia You should stick to forum etiquette :wink: Group your responses together, and stick to the topic — off topic replies can be left to direct messages, or split into a different topic using the reply button.

I’ve deleted your message on ‘wait are we both talking abt the accelerate book’ and merged it with your last comment.

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