Working Backwards

This is a summary of a great 🌳 tree book. Working Backwards: Insights, Stories, and Secrets from Inside Amazon is the first book that explains how Amazon really works, written by two insiders who were there when the techniques were invented. This is not a comprehensive summary; tree books don’t lend themselves to easy summarisation. You should buy the book and read it — the stories that the authors tell about the origins of each technique are absolutely critical if you want to apply them; do not rely on this summary alone. Read more about book classifications here.

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Awesome thanks @cedric. I am reading it at the moment and it’s so good. So much better than 99.9% of the ‘business books’ out there. Practically highlighting something on every page… I’ve started to create a learning plan for the metrics chapter.

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Brilliant! Agree re: the metrics chapter, I think that (and the PR/FAQ chapter) were the most immediately actionable things on my end!